Is It Time to Upgrade Your Old AC System?

The heat can get pretty unbearable at times in Merritt Island, FL. Having an air conditioner that runs efficiently is important for keeping utility costs down when the wave seems to be endless. If your AC unit has been battling the scorching temperatures for more than a few seasons, it may be time to upgrade it. If your old system needs a greater amount of energy to keep things cool, or it runs more than it used to, it’s a good idea to have an expert take a look. Read on to learn more about when and how to upgrade your AC system.

Maintenance Inspections

If you don’t have a scheduled maintenance agreement for your AC system already, it’s a good first step. If your existing system is deficient in some way, it could lead to bigger problems or even failure at a time when you may need it most. Inspection of your old unit’s setup and operation will provide a detailed report of what you’re working with and indicate if a replacement is your best option.

Efficiency Saves Money

The better your system utilizes the power it consumes to cool your home, the lower your monthly cost will be to operate it effectively. This also means that it can provide the comfort you expect without overworking. An inefficient system increases the odds you’ll need repairs or to replace multiple parts, if not the entire unit, much sooner than normal.

In addition to reducing your power consumption and monthly operating cost, a new AC system will often get the job done with a fraction of the effort and power. Signs that your unit is running inefficiently include:

  • Cycling on and off.
  • Not cooling to the temperature you want.
  • Having different temperatures in different rooms.

Comfort When You Need It

Upgrading to a new AC system involves a new control unit that may allow you greater freedom and management of your home environment. This simultaneously decreases the amount of effort and time a manual thermostat takes to adjust.

Many smart thermostats feature a downloadable app that enables control wherever you have a good Wi-Fi signal on your smartphone or other mobile device. Cool the house only when it’s in use with a programming schedule that matches your own.

Improved Air Quality Inside Your Home

Over time, the AC unit in your home can start to perform ineffectively due to extended periods of strenuous operation in unforgiving conditions. This might limit its ability to effectively circulate the air inside your home. That can lead to poorer air quality in certain areas or the whole house in general. A new unit that can handle the unique aspects of your space with efficiency and ease. As a result, it’ll make it healthier for everyone who steps inside it.

Signs It May Be Time to Upgrade Your AC System

Signs to listen for include noises like repetitive knocking or tapping or the unit kicking on more often than usual. When you call our service technicians to inspect these issues, they will first look for any kind of damage to the unit. They will then advise on the remaining lifespan of the unit and your options for replacement or repair.

The weather outside can make it pretty difficult to get comfortable if you don’t have a strong AC unit. Our service technicians are your friends and neighbors, so we know how important it really is when you need a break from the heat. Contact Merritt Island Air and Heat today to find out about the options we provide for residential AC services.

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