Variable Speed Technology

Variable speed technology used in Trane Air Handlers is programmed to provide constant airflow. The drive module in the Variable Speed Air Handler controls the motor speed and torque to ensure a constant volume of airflow is being delivered. If there is any resistance to airflow in the duct system (due to dirty filters, closed registers or other reasons), the drive module immediately detects this and increases the rpm of the motor. When the drive module picks up the higher rpm, it will increase the speed and torque to move more air. When desired airflow is again achieved, the motor settles into the proper speed. This feature of speed variability ensures compressor reliability, proper system capacity and airflow distribution throughout the duct system.

Comfort-R™ Technology – In our area, humidity can make the summer a miserable experience for some homeowners. Trane’s Comfort-R™ technology used in their Variable Speed Air Handlers helps to ensure that our summer months are as pleasant as they are hot. Comfort-R™ is the managed ramping system of the Variable Speed Air Handler motor. During cooling, the motor ramps up, moving air slowly across the coil and giving it a chance to cool. The motor ramps up to 80%, where it stays for 7.5 minutes. By ramping up slowly and running longer at a slower speed, the variable speed system is able to remove more moisture from the indoor air. After the thermostat reaches the target temperature, the motor then ramps down to 50%, where it operates for three additional minutes. By managing the “ramp up” and “ramp down” of the variable speed motor, Comfort-R™ assures humidity control and quiet operation with the greatest level of comfort.

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