What You Need to Know About Sheet Metal Fabrication in Melbourne, FL

Another year has passed and it’s time to perform some maintenance on your HVAC system in Melbourne, FL. Have you thought about replacing the ducts or other metal materials in your HVAC system to improve its performance? Read on to learn about sheet metal fabrication and the benefits it provides.

What’s HVAC Sheet Metal Fabrication?

An HVAC unit is a sophisticated assembly that relies on many parts to work together in cohesion. Since every business or home is different, every HVAC unit requires a unique approach. Having an HVAC unit suited to your needs can help keep energy costs under control.

Of course, creating a custom unit means that you can’t always grab components off the shelf. The best solution is making use of sheet metal fabrication to build the perfect components needed for the job at hand.

Metal fabrication is particularly useful when it comes to designing custom HVAC plenums and ductwork. A standard system loses a considerable amount of its conditioned air through poorly designed or faulty ducts. However, with custom-fabricated ducts, you can expect nothing short of superb efficiency and excellent performance.

A Breakdown of the Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

How does the process of sheet metal fabrication work? It entails three key processes: cutting, forming and assembling. The specific fabrication process used will depend on the needs of the client.

  • Cutting: As you might expect, sheet metal fabrication usually starts with a large sheet of galvanized metal. This material is then measured and marked based on the function it’ll serve. Fabricators cut the sheet to the required size using a host of tools.
  • Forming: What follows after cutting the sheet metal to the ideal size is forming the parts to the required shape. Every piece must have a definite shape depending on its purpose and location within the larger HVAC system. This is where you get the exact fittings and other vital pieces needed for the job.
  • Assembling: Once a contractor has formed all the required pieces, the final job is to put them all together. This stage is crucial in ensuring that every individual piece works to perfection. The assembly process is also the time to perform some final adjustments to optimize fit and efficiency.

Why Your HVAC System Needs It

The comfort inside your business or home, whether during hot summers or chilly winters, depends heavily on the sheet metal air ducts in the HVAC unit. It’s vital to work with your HVAC contractor to ensure that your unit is working in tip-top condition.

Fabricated metal lasts longer. Prefabricated metals tend to be less costly, but custom ones will come with higher durability. This is because the design is perfect for your specific purposes.

This material can resist any kind of pressure and can withstand even the hottest summers and the coldest winters. With fabricated metal, the ductwork in your home or business will also resist corroding due to the external elements as with rooftop HVAC units.

In addition, it saves you money. In the short run, a custom-design and created sheet metal duct system offers a tight fit that’s resistant to leaks, meaning reduced energy usage and efficient airflow.

The ductwork is durable and tolerant to damage like rust and water in the long term. Your contractor can also quickly fabricate components and pieces when you need to upgrade or service your HVAC unit, avoiding expensive repairs in the process. Sheet metal fabrication minimizes the likelihood of units breaking down before they fulfill their expected lifespan.

The third advantage of custom fabrication is the malleability of the metal formed into the required shapes and sizes. For commercial buildings housed inside a structure that is not one uniform rectangular or square shape, custom metal fabrication can come in handy.

Our team of professionals boasts years of expertise in sheet metal fabrication, serving residential and commercial clients. Call Merritt Island Air & Heat today to discuss all of your HVAC sheet metal fabrication needs in Melbourne, FL.

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