Why Trane Makes Sense in Coastal Areas

Living in a coastal area, as we do here in Florida, the environment plays a major factor in the efficiency and life expectancy of our heating and cooling units over time. The outdoor environment in Brevard County is harsh, with dramatic swings in temperature, precipitation, wind and humidity. Near the ocean, the air contains salt-laden moisture, which is a powerful corrosive force most people living here are already aware of. Trane has many features and benefits that separate it from its competitors when considering these environmental elements.

All-Aluminum Spine Fin Coils:

These help protect your coils against galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals in close proximity to each other are exposed to a conducting fluid, such as salt spray, acid rain or chemically tainted rainwater. From there, the two metals act as a battery, in which one metal sacrifices itself to the other. The more dissimilar the metals are (for example, copper and aluminum), the greater the potential for corrosion. This is why a copper tube/ aluminum plate fin coil has five times the corrosion potential of an all-aluminum coil such as Trane’s

Durability by Design:

  • Weather Guard II Top
  • – Withstands 1440 hours of 194 degree desert heat
    – Withstands 100 ft/lbs of impact in – 35 degree arctic cold
    – Withstands the impact of a 90mph fastball

  • Seacoast Shield
  • – Protects transition joints from salt spray and pollution
    – Eliminates need for corrosion-preventive materials
    – An added durability feature for ocean front environment

  • Integrated Steel Cabinet
  • – Powder painted louvered panels
    – Full coil protection
    – G90 galvanized steel construction
    – Interlocking seams create a tight fit and finish
    – X-brace construction enhances cabinet stability
    – Recessed screws, rounded edges and integrated panels make Trane’s outdoor unit safe for the backyard.

  • Weather Guard Fasteners
  • – Rust resistant
    – Meet 1,000 hour salt spray test

Trane’s Testing Standards


Prescribed by ARI and carried out with tests in accordance with ASHRAE standards.


Trane’s reliability tests exceed industry standards. For example a 2,000 hour salt spray test is run on fin-type coil samples to check corrosion levels. Industry standards require 1,000 hours of testing. Trane also field-tests units in real-world environments to monitor the harmful effects of salt spray on painted surfaces, Spine Fin Coils and electrical components.


Required by UL, safety tests consist of electrical component temperature and pressure testing. Trane’s safety tests are conducted at extremes higher than required by industry standards.

Simulation of Data

Airflow and sound tests are conducted in order to simulate product performance.

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