3 Signs You Should Install a New AC System in Viera, FL

As we enter the spring, homeowners in Viera, FL are beginning to use their air conditioners more. That being the case, you’d be wise to replace a failing AC system soon and avoid being stuck boiling in the Florida heat. Here are three important signs that it’s probably time for you to install a new AC system:

Rising Energy Bills

If your power bills rise suddenly, you may have a failing air conditioner. If this happens even though you haven’t been using your AC system any more than usual, it’s a safe bet its components are degrading and may be nearing complete failure. While you may be able to put off a complete collapse with repairs, you should at least begin thinking about replacement once this happens.

More Frequent Problems

After a professional service technician repairs your AC system, it should return to functioning normally. It certainly shouldn’t break down again shortly after getting repaired. If it does, it’s probably time to replace your failing air conditioner.

Age of Your AC System

Lastly, your AC system may simply be so old that continuing to rely on it is a risky proposition. On average, central air conditioners will work well for about 15 years. Beyond this point, the chances of sudden failure or generally poor performance go up significantly.

Of course, that figure is only an average. It’s possible, if you schedule maintenance for your system at least once per year and arrange to repair it at the first sign of trouble, to have it function well for more than 15 years. Still, you should bear that information in mind.

Recognizing signs like these can mean the difference between sweating profusely and living cool and comfortable in Viera, FL. If any of what we’ve discussed applies to your AC system, we strongly recommend taking action. Call Merritt Island Air & Heat to schedule AC installation services today.

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