Is Your AC System Ready for Cooling Season in Melbourne, FL?

Even though springtime is so pleasant in Melbourne, FL, the heat and humidity of summer is just around the corner. Is your cooling system ready? Here are some things to check to make sure your AC system is ready when the first heat wave hits this spring:

Schedule Seasonal AC Maintenance

The most important thing to do before turning on the AC system for the first time each spring is to schedule a maintenance session with a professional. A regular tuneup helps improve energy efficiency and the AC system’s service life.

Over the winter, dust and dirt can settle in the indoor unit. Part of the maintenance visit involves cleaning and lubricating the internal parts. This prevents unnecessary wear on the parts and improves energy efficiency.

During this session, our service technicians can also spot any emerging problems. This gives you time to have the AC repaired before summer hits with its soaring temperatures.

Clear Debris From the Condenser

Over the fall and winter, the outdoor condenser of your cooling system can accumulate dirt, twigs, leaves and other debris. Before your scheduled AC maintenance visit, be sure to clear away everything within about two feet of the outdoor unit. You’ll also want to trim any overhanging shrubs or tree limbs.

Assess Your Indoor Air Quality

With springtime blossoms come allergies. This is a good time to see if your cooling system is doing enough to keep your indoor air clean. Ask us about upgraded air filters or other air cleaners and purifiers, which can remove allergens and other pollutants from your indoor air.

Contact our team at Merritt Island Air & Heat for all your air conditioning needs in Melbourne, FL. You can rely on our highly trained and experienced service technicians to keep your cooling system running effectively and efficiently.

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