Achieve Even Airflow and High Energy Efficiency in Palm Bay, FL

Maintaining optimal airflow throughout the HVAC system in your Palm Bay, FL, home will boost comfort. It’ll also allow for higher levels of efficiency. Airflow obstructions can cause heaters and air conditioners to run longer, shut down or overheat. Check out these tips for improving airflow and energy efficiency in your home.

Clean Your HVAC Air Vents

Along with regularly inspecting and changing your HVAC air filter, you should also wipe your air registers, vents and grilles. Bits of debris that detach from dirty filters tend to accumulate here.

Build-ups of lint-like material on these features are also comprised of small-sized particulates that slip right through standard filter mesh. In addition to wiping vents down, you can also remove their covers and vacuum behind them.

Don’t Forget the “V” in HVAC

Short for ventilation, the “V” in HVAC is just as important to the health and comfort of your household as heating and air conditioning. To clear out stale, stagnant air and give your IAQ a quick boost, turn your HVAC system off and open a few windows and doors. You can alternatively take advantage of mechanical ventilation by installing an attic fan and cleaning and using your bathroom exhaust fans.

Run Your HVAC System’s Fan

When you aren’t actively running your heater or air conditioner, toggle your thermostat setting to “FAN” mode. This will keep your indoor air continuously circulating and moving through your HVAC air filter. As a result, you’ll improve airflow and boost energy efficiency in the process.

With many decades of experience in the HVAC industry, we know how to keep Palm Bay, FL, homes comfortable, ensuring maximum heating and air conditioning efficiency. Contact Merritt Island Air & Heat today to find out about our preventative maintenance plans and indoor air quality solutions.

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