3 Benefits of an Indoor Air Cleaner

Modern homes in Palm Bay, Florida, have excellent insulation. However, it can keep stale, polluted air from escaping. An indoor air cleaner or purifier can help you improve your home’s health, increase your comfort and reduce breakdowns.

A Healthier Home

Air purifiers provide clean air by trapping dirt, pet dander, dust, smoke particles, pollen and many other contaminants. They can prevent asthma or allergy symptoms, such as eye irritation, sore throats, rashes, headaches and fatigue. Many models can even capture bacteria and viruses to prevent common illnesses such as colds. This lowers health risks for people with weak immune systems due to existing health problems. If you often experience uncomfortable symptoms while you’re at home and feel better when you leave, you could need an indoor air cleaner.

More Comfort

An indoor air cleaner can also reduce bad smells and help you sleep better. Biological growth in your ductwork or other areas in your home often has an unpleasant, musty scent. The smell of charred food or pest droppings could linger in the air as well. An air purifier can also help you keep smoke or biological growth from damaging your walls, ceilings or furniture. It reduces dust, which helps reduce your frequency of filter changes.

Fewer Breakdowns

Contaminants can accumulate in your ductwork and HVAC filter. As a result, they can force it to work harder for optimal airflow. This increases wear and shortens its life. You can reduce uncomfortable, inconvenient breakdowns with an indoor air cleaner. Remember to change the air filter for your air purifier and your HVAC system at least every few months. You should also have your unit checked by a professional once per year.

Merritt Island Air & Heat has years of HVAC and indoor air quality experience, and we’re a Trane Comfort Specialist. We can help you choose the best indoor air cleaner for your home. For excellent, friendly service, call us anytime at (321) 392-6564.

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