5 Benefits Provided by Ductless AC Systems in Melbourne, FL

You’ve probably seen ductless AC systems around Melbourne, FL, in restaurants and commercial buildings. You might have noticed them in some homes of friends and family. However, have you considered them as a possibility for your own house? Here are five benefits that ductless AC systems provide:

Easy on Your Ears

Typically, ductless air conditioners operate much more quietly than conventional AC systems to keep air moving throughout your living space. Therefore, vibrations from ductless mini-splits are minimal, and you probably won’t hear the power fans operate. You’ll know your rooms are being cooled, even if you don’t hear the system running when it happens.

Multi-Stage Filtration

In many cases, indoor air quality is worse than what you breathe outdoors, and conventional AC systems need regular duct cleaning to minimize allergens and dust. Multi-stage filtration removes particulates and biological contaminants far better if your home has ductless AC system. It’s simpler to keep the system clean, too.

Installation in Any Room

Rooms without access to ductwork, including garage spaces and work sheds, can still have air conditioning with a ductless mini-split system. Even if your home already has central air, some rooms might need more cooling. Ductless mini-splits can supply it in rooms additions, sunrooms and garage conversions.

Help the Environment

Ductless AC systems help the environment by offering energy-efficient operation. You can save money on your utility bills while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Minimal Intrusion

Ductless AC systems have indoor units and an outdoor condenser, but they’re all smaller than components in central air conditioners and furnaces. You can have your air handlers recessed into ceilings or walls to minimize the space they take up.

Ductless air conditioning can look unconventional, but this technology offers multiple advantages, including customization, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly operation. Schedule a consultation with Merritt Island Air & Heat for your home’s next AC installation.

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