Can My Business Benefit From Kool Duct Air Ducts?

Are you opening a business in Melbourne, FL, and assessing how you’ll cool and heat it throughout the year? Or maybe your office, retail store or restaurant is already open and you’re looking for ways to enhance indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Investing in Kool Duct air ducts will reward you with all the savings you’re hoping to gain.

What are Kool Duct Air Ducts?

The Kool Duct network of ducts is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional ductwork. It’s lightweight, arrives insulated and uses manufacturing methods and materials that have a minimal impact on the environment. Traditional sheet metal ductwork is susceptible to energy- and money-wasting leaks; Kool Duct air ducts are superior.

Increase Commercial HVAC Efficiency

As noted, Kool Duct ducts are much less susceptible to leaks than ductwork made with insulated sheet metal. As a result, your commercial HVAC system consumes less energy and experiences less wear and tear. That helps you spend less on heating, cooling and repair bills. It also reduces your business’s environmental impact.

Easier and Cheaper to Install

Ductwork fabricated with Kool Duct weighs much less than ductwork made with insulated sheet metal. As a result, the handling and transportation costs are cheaper. It’s also easier to install inside your Melbourne, FL, business. Since it comes pre-insulated, Kool Duct air ducts don’t require wrapping, which helps service technicians work faster.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities use Kool Duct air ducts because they distribute air over sealed aluminum surfaces, which minimizes the risk of loose fibers circulating in the air supply. What’s more, Kool Duct air ducts have a non-fibrous insulation core. They’re odorless, non-tainting and don’t provide food value to pests.

Kool Duct air ducts offer many more features and benefits to business owners in Melbourne, FL. If you want to learn more or schedule a commercial HVAC installation, contact Merritt Island Air & Heat with your questions.

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