Does My Furnace in Satellite Beach, FL, Need Repairs?

You don’t want your furnace to fail in the middle of winter in Satellite Beach, FL. It’s important to notice any signs of a malfunctioning system before then. Here are several indicators that your furnace needs repairs so you can catch them before a complete breakdown:

Extremely Long Cycles

Under most conditions, the furnace cycle shouldn’t run for longer than 10 or 15 minutes. If your furnace runs for what seems like forever or is blowing room-temperature air, you should call for repairs. You might have something wrong with the burner or heating element, the motor could be weakening or the thermostat could be faulty.

Extremely Short Cycles

On the contrary, if the furnace runs extremely short cycles and starts again shortly after, the furnace could be shutting down to prevent overheating. Possible causes for overheating include unlubricated parts creating friction, dirt and dust in the system or a clogged filter.

High Monthly Energy Bill

Let’s say you’re not running the furnace any more than you normally do, yet the utility bill is rising each month. Inefficient performance would likely be to blame. A furnace loses efficiency as it ages, or there could be another problem with the system.

Noises and Odors

Outside of some clicking or rattling at the moment of start-up, furnaces shouldn’t make noise. A professional maintenance visit could tell you what’s behind any grinding, squealing or hissing noises in your furnace.

Also, any burning or musty odor spells trouble. The former may be due to overheating, and the latter may arise from a clogged condensate drain line or biological growth in the ducts due to excess moisture.

If you live in Satellite Beach, FL, and need a furnace repairs, call Merritt Island Air & Heat today for a convenient appointment. Though we’re a Trane Comfort Specialist, our NATE-certified service technicians can service any make or model. We’re available 24/7 for those situations that can’t wait for an appointment.

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