How Does a Heat Pump Cool My Home?

Do you have a heat pump in your Rockledge, Florida, home? Are you shopping for a new HVAC system and considering a heat pump? You’re probably curious how something called a heat pump can cool your home. Let’s look at the different components of this HVAC system, the importance of each, and how they work to both heat and cool your home.

How Heat Pumps Work

A heat pump doesn’t generate cool or warm air. Instead, it moves or transfers it. During the summer, it takes warm air from inside your home and moves it outside. In the winter, it takes heat energy from the ambient outdoor air and transfers it inside your home. It’s an efficient dual system — an air conditioner and a heater.

The Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the substance that absorbs the heat inside your home and expels it outside. It then flows back through the expansion valve, into the evaporator, and over the coil where it becomes cold again. Then, once again the refrigerant absorbs heat and transfers it outside, the loop continues.

The Air Handler

Inside of your home sits the air handler, which has a coil and a fan. During the summer, the coil is in evaporator mode. During the winter, it becomes a condenser. The refrigerant runs through these coils to move the heat to the outside or inside.

The Compressor

The refrigerant needs to be pressurized to release the heat it has absorbed. The compressor is responsible for this pressurization process. All of the components that comprise the system rely on each other to function harmoniously. They require regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency and performance. Investing in a maintenance agreement with us will help to ensure timely servicing of your heat pump.

If you would like us to install a new heat pump in your home, give our team of experts at Merritt Island Air & Heat a call today. You can reach us at (321) 392-6564.

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