How Do You and Your HVAC System Benefit From a Clean Air Filter?

The change of the seasons is a great time to check the state of the HVAC system in your Melbourne, FL, home. The condition of your air filter significantly influences the effectiveness and efficiency of your HVAC system. To care for your HVAC system properly, it’s important to have a clean air filter by replacing it at least every three months. Here are four benefits of having a clean air filter in your HVAC system at all times:

Prolongs HVAC System Life

Extending the service life of your HVAC unit is the main reason you should keep a clean air filter. Having a clogged system makes it harder for the HVAC unit to pull in air. A strained HVAC system means it’s working harder than normal, therefore driving up your energy bill. Overworking your system in such a manner damages it and reduces its lifespan.

Improves Energy Efficiency

In addition to improving your home’s air quality, clean air filters also increase energy efficiency. A dirty air filter strains the functioning of your HVAC system, making it use higher amounts of energy than necessary. Replacing your air filters after a couple of months saves energy costs.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality

The goal of an air filter is to remove harmful particles from the air in your house and help you breathe easier. The amount of air particles filtered from the air depends on the efficiency of your air filter. Therefore, you should change your air filter every 30 to 90 days.

Lowers Repair Frequency

Conducting regular maintenance and changing your air filters can help you prevent unnecessary damage to your HVAC system. As a result, you can decrease the frequency of requiring repairs and save money. You’ll also minimize the risk of needing an entire system replacement.

To save money on energy costs and maintain your indoor air quality, keep your air filter clean. You can do this by scheduling regular maintenance with Merritt Island Air & Heat. Call us today for quality heating and air conditioning services.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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