Regular maintenance is key to keeping your home’s HVAC system running efficiently. That’s especially important during the sweltering summer months in Melbourne, Florida. An efficient system saves you money on utility bills and is beneficial to the environment by using less energy. There are some maintenance tasks you can do yourself, like changing air filters, while you should leave other upkeep to a reputable professional. Take advantage of the cooler winter months to have vital HVAC maintenance performed on your system.

All About Airflow

HVAC systems have to work harder and use more energy to push air through dirty filters. Therefore, you should change yours regularly.

When air is forced through clogged filters, dirt can collect on an air conditioner’s evaporator coils, decreasing their heat-absorbing efficiency. Clearing debris from on the outdoor unit also improves airflow, along with trimming foliage around it, leaving about a 2-foot buffer. Leave any electrical repairs, such as malfunctioning fans or heat pumps, to the pros.

Efficient Equipment

Clogs can occur in condensate lines, often because of biological growth. Use a wire brush or pour a cup of bleach through the drain to keep it clear. A clogged drain affects the unit’s ability to reduce humidity, which can lead to reduced efficiency and excess moisture that can ruin carpets and walls. Call a professional for other equipment repairs, such as fixing leaking ductwork, inspecting motors and belts, or installing a programmable thermostat, which can increase efficiency by automatically adjusting temperatures throughout the day.

Refrigerant Recharge

Legally, only HVAC professionals can deal with refrigerant issues, such as checking levels, fixing leaks, and refilling a unit that’s running low. Leaks reduce a unit’s efficiency and can also result in permanent damage by overworking the compressor. Schedule regular maintenance to prevent costly repairs down the road.

Your HVAC system’s efficiency is important in keeping your home comfortable. It’s also imperative to using energy in an environmentally friendly way and reducing utility bills. If you need AC system repairs, call Merritt Island Air & Heat at (321) 392-6564.

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