Many people deeply love their pets, but your furry friends can sometimes have a significant negative impact on indoor air quality. Here are a few ways how your beloved pets may affect the air quality in your Rockledge, FL, home:

Pet Hair and Your HVAC System

Pets shed hair that can find its way all over your home. Sometimes, you may even breathe in tiny gliding bits of pet hair without realizing it. Dander may also harm indoor air quality when it gets stuck in your HVAC system and keeps it from functioning.

Pets and Germs

Pets can also be breeding grounds for germs, many of which they might bring in from the outside. These germs can then find their way into the air in your home and float about just like pet hair. Potentially, these germs can make you sick without you even realizing what’s wrong.

Indeed, germs like this may be even worse than pet hair because they are much harder to detect. To remove them, you’ll need either an effective air purifier. Merritt Island Air & Heat sells these and similar kinds of indoor air quality products to homeowners in Rockledge, FL.

Pet Dander and Allergies

In addition to all of this, you also should be aware of the effect of pet dander on air quality. Pet dander are tiny dead skin cells from your pets that float in the air. They can have the same negative effects on IAQ as pet hair but are much tinier and harder to notice.

Because dander is so much tinier, it’s much easier to unwittingly breathe than pet hair. This can then lead to respiratory problems and the exacerbation or even creation of allergies.

Sadly, pets can pose a threat to indoor air quality, your respiratory health and the functioning of your HVAC system. Merritt Island Air & Heat’s indoor air quality experts can help you deal with the potential hazards your pets bring. Give us a call today and take advantage of this and other HVAC services that we offer in Rockledge, FL.

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