Indoor Air Quality Products You Need to Know About

Living in Merritt Island, Florida, means you’re going to enjoy beautiful weather most of the year. While you may be outdoors quite a bit, you’ll also spend a great deal of time inside, especially at night when you’re sleeping. Therefore, you need protection against indoor air quality threats. Here are three indoor air quality products you need to know about:

Air Purifiers

First off, air purifiers are your number one weapon against poor indoor air quality. They remove airborne pollutants from your home, making it easier for you and your family to breathe. They also help reduce allergens and other particles that incite allergy and asthma symptoms. These helpful machines are especially ideal in homes where residents suffer from respiratory issues.

Air purifiers are available in several versions. A portable air purifier filters the air in certain rooms throughout the home. For whole-home air purification, you’ll need an air purifier connected directly to your heating and cooling system.

UV Lamps

UV lamps not only kill biological growths, reduce airborne allergens and remove volatile organic compounds. They also increase airflow and HVAC efficiency. They reduce clogging in your AC’s condensate drain line and can decrease energy costs. As a result, you’ll pay less to cool your home.


Finally, we often think of dehumidifiers and humidifiers as a way to improve indoor comfort levels. By removing excess moisture from the air, it becomes easier to breathe. During the winter, we use humidifiers to add moisture to the air to keep our skin from chapping. Truth is, humidity plays a large role in indoor air quality. High humidity increases concentrations of pollutants in your home.

With a dehumidifier and humidifier connected directly to your HVAC system, you gain precise control over the humidity in your home. It’s crucial to keep the home’s relative humidity level between 40 and 50 percent. As a result, you’ll improve indoor air quality.

Do you want to improve your home’s indoor air quality? Contact Merritt Island Air & Heat today at (321) 392-6564 to speak with a certified HVAC service technician.

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