5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Will Break Down Soon

Year-round warm and humid weather in Merritt Island, FL, means you rely on your air conditioning system for consistent comfort. Because your air conditioner is used all year long, its parts may wear out or become damaged. Be aware of these five signs your air conditioner will break down soon so that you can avoid an emergency repair.

Rapid Cycles

Air conditioner cycles should last for about three minutes. After a cycle, the system should rest for a while before turning on again. If your air conditioning system turns on just seconds after finishing a cycle, you’ll soon need a repair.

Warm Air

Your home’s vents should blow air that feels cold, like the air in your refrigerator. If the vents start blowing warm air, you have a problem. Warm air from the vents could result from a dirty air filter, evaporator coil or a thermostat issue.

Poor Airflow

During a cooling cycle, you should feel a steady stream of cool air blowing from each air vent. If there’s low airflow, make sure the vent is open. If all vents have low airflow, your ducts may be loose or obstructed, or your HVAC filter could be clogged. These problems need professional attention.

Foul Odors

The cool air blowing from your home’s vents shouldn’t have an odor. If you start noticing a smoky odor, your air conditioning system could be overheating, and a breakdown is inevitable. Musty odors suggest microbial growth in the ducts or condensate line.

Loud Noises

Your cooling system should operate quietly. Normal sounds include a click, soft humming and gentle whooshing. If you hear loud banging, grinding or hissing noises, call for repairs.

Knowing what to look and listen for allows you to arrange for air conditioner repairs as soon as possible. A prompt repair of your air conditioning system quickly restores comfort and prevents more damage. To learn more about the signs of a failing air conditioning system, contact Merritt Island Air & Heat.

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