5 Signs You Have an Inefficient Air Conditioner in Satellite Beach, FL

In Satellite Beach, FL, you rely on your air conditioner for a large part of the year. You also rely on your AC system to work as efficiently as possible. Here are five signs you have an inefficient air conditioner that requires attention:

Dirty Air Filters

Clogged air filters not only impact your indoor air quality but drag down the energy efficiency of your system. In addition, the particulates your filters trap increase the wear and tear of your system, which shortens its longevity.

Humid Home

An air conditioner not only cools your home but removes the humidity as well. Unfortunately, when you have an inefficient air conditioner, the humidity stays in the air. The cause can be anything from low refrigerant or a need for maintenance.

Increased Utility Bills

Unless your utility company raised their electricity rates or the weather has been hotter than normal, your utility bills should remain somewhat consistent. You can expect a slight increase in your bill if you have an older unit, but if your utility bills skyrocket, that’s a sign of decreased energy efficiency.

Older HVAC System

The average service life for an HVAC system is between 10 and 15 years, with 20 years possible if it’s well cared for. As your air conditioner ages, it loses efficiency over time. In this case, switching out your current air conditioner for a newer, more efficient model saves you money in the long run.

Need Frequent Repairs

Routine maintenance helps find issues before they become costly repairs. If you’re calling for repairs too often, it’s a sign your system is wearing out, which draws extra energy to keep you comfortable. If your system needs frequent repairs, you should consider replacing your air conditioner.

Don’t let your inefficient air conditioner drag you down this summer. Contact Merritt Island Air & Heat today to learn more about how our maintenance agreements help you and your air conditioner.

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