3 Signs It’s Time to Schedule an Air Conditioner Repair

Although the summer for most homeowners in the United States has just started, residents in Merritt Island, Florida, have felt summertime conditions since March. That means you’ve been heavily relying on your air conditioner for comfort for quite some time already. Here are three signs it might be time to schedule an air conditioner repair:

Your AC System is Blowing Warm Air

Your air conditioner’s main job is to fill your home with cool air and make you feel comfortable. If your AC system blows warm air, it certainly indicates a problem. A broken compressor or a refrigerant leak can both result in your AC system blowing warm air. You shouldn’t complete neither of these AC repairs on your own; call a professional.

You Find Moisture Around the AC System

Is your air conditioner leaking? Do you find moisture around it? If so, there’s a problem that needs addressing. Sometimes the issue is as minor as a blocked condensate drain line. But other more serious issues can also be the cause, including a refrigerant leak. No matter the case, repair the problem right away to avoid microbial growth.

You Hear Loud and Unusual Sounds

Under normal circumstances, your air conditioner will operate quietly. You might only notice it making slight sounds when it turns on or off. But if you start to hear squealing, grinding or other abrasive noises, there’s definitely a problem that needs addressing. To reduce the risk of further system damage, schedule an air conditioner repair right away.

Air conditioner maintenance is the best way to prevent AC breakdowns and costly repairs. But normal wear and tear is bound to happen, especially in a hot and humid climate like Florida. If you need to schedule AC maintenance or an air conditioner repair, contact Merritt Island Air & Heat at (321) 392-6564 today to speak with a live HVAC expert.

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