4 Telltale Signs of a Bad Heat Pump Compressor

Heat pumps are ingenious heating and cooling systems. They use refrigerant technology to either absorb heat from the atmosphere and transfer it indoors or draw the heat out of indoor air and release it outside. However, like any other system, they can develop faults and breakdowns. One of the most common components to have a problem is the compressor – the part that helps to convert the refrigerant from a liquid to a high-pressure gas and vice versa. Read on to learn if your heat pump compressor needs repairs or replacement.

Improper Airflow

If your heat pump is blowing cold air when it’s in heating mode or warm air when it’s in cooling mode, this could be a sign that the compressor isn’t working as it should. A broken compressor struggles to circulate the refrigerant. As a result, the airflow will be at an incorrect temperature.

Refrigerant Leaks

Leaks can cause major damage to your heat pump, and they’re more likely to occur if your compressor is faulty. If you notice any puddles near your system along with a hissing sound coming from the outdoor unit, consider hiring a professional immediately to have a look at it. Refrigerant is very toxic; inhalation can cause severe lung or brain damage.

Lack of Power

If the compressor isn’t working, it won’t be able to draw in electricity. You might notice a lack of power when you try to turn on your heat pump, or it might make a loud humming sound without ever switching on. This is usually because the compressor isn’t receiving enough electric current it needs to operate.

High Utility Bills

A faulty compressor can cause other components of your system to overwork, which will lead to higher energy bills. The driving factor for the invention of the heat pump was to save on electricity. If your system is doing the opposite, something is definitely wrong with it.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs mentioned above, it could be a sign that your heat pump compressor has a problem. In this case, call Merritt Island Air & Heat to avoid further damage. Our quick and professional repair work will ensure your system works efficiently and safely again.

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