5 Tips to Cool Your Home Without Straining the AC System

If you’ve a hard time keeping your Merritt Island, FL, home cool, you’re not alone. Running the air conditioner all day every day in summer strains the system and may cause it to fail sooner than it should. Here are five ways you can cool your home without straining your AC system:

Use Ceiling Fans

A 42-inch ceiling fan is sufficient for rooms of up to 200 square feet, but larger rooms need a fan of 52 inches or larger. Adjust the direction of the blades to make them move counterclockwise. This will pull some of the cool air from the top of the room and push it down to form a nice breeze.

Take Advantage of Cool Night Air

Turn up the temperature of your AC system at night and open a few windows to take advantage of the cool air outside. When you direct fans toward the window, you create a cross breeze that lowers the temperature even more. Always turn the AC system back down and close the windows as the temperature increases.

Avoid the Kitchen

Both your oven and stove produce a lot of heat when you cook inside, which will spread to other rooms. Avoid the kitchen and head outside to make use of your grill. There are also lots of healthy cold dishes you can make, like delicious salads and wraps.

Service Your Air Conditioner

Schedule AC maintenance and necessary air conditioning repairs to get it ready for the long, hot season. During your appointment, our service technician can replace the filter and perform any AC repairs you might need to keep your system running properly.

Cover the Windows

Blackout curtains come in different colors and patterns to match your decor. They do a nice job of blocking out sunlight and regulating your home’s temperature, too. They also seal in the warm air when the temperature drops.

Staying cool without straining your AC system is easy when you use these tips. At Merritt Island Air & Heat, we can also help you get some relief this year. Call today to schedule a tuneup or install a new air conditioner in Merritt Island, FL.

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