The thermostat in your home is a central hub for comfort. It helps you manage indoor temperatures. But when it’s not working as it should, it can result in a lot of wasted energy and money. Here are some ways to troubleshoot common thermostat problems and why you should consider an upgrade to a programmable or smart model:

Bad Thermostat Wires

One thing to check for when troubleshooting is the condition of your thermostat’s wires. The wires’ condition affects how well your thermostat functions. Rather than attempting your own electrical work, call your local service technician to perform maintenance.

Dust and Dirt Buildup

Dust and dirt impact everything from indoor air quality to how clean your windows are, and your thermostat is no exception. An HVAC service technician can remove the thermostat cover and clean the wires safely.

Incorrect Temperature Setting

Sometimes your HVAC system produces air that’s the wrong temperature, but it’s not always a sign that there’s something wrong. Before you call a service technician for air conditioning or heating repairs, check your thermostat, as you might have it at the wrong temperature setting or in the wrong mode. If you need heating at night, you might forget to switch the system back to cooling for the daytime.

Why You Should Upgrade

Standard thermostats typically last for 10 years. Even if your old thermostat isn’t giving you any serious problems yet, it might be time for you to look into upgrading to a Trane smart thermostat. Homeowners who do this enjoy better energy efficiency, connectivity to other devices and the ability to control their thermostat remotely.

If you’re worried about your thermostat not keeping you comfortable, don’t wait to opt for an upgrade. Contact us at Merritt Island Air & Heat today to learn more about thermostat installation and the rest of our residential HVAC services.

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