When leaves start to fall and the air cools, a host of indoor allergens can cause problems. Although an air purifier can make breathing easier in your Merritt Island, Florida home, it won’t get rid of your indoor allergies. The following are some effective ways to reduce indoor allergies this fall:

Eliminate Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Carpets and padding carry a significant amount of dust, pollen and pet dander. If possible, replace them with suitable impervious or hardwood flooring. Walking across carpet re-releases different types of indoor allergens into the air. Keeping your floor clear of carpets and padding could help relieve your itchy throat, sneezing, stuffy nose and teary eyes this fall.

Replace HVAC Filters

Indoor allergens such as pet dander and dust can lurk in the air ducts when you turn on the HVAC system. Replacing your HVAC filters with high-efficiency ones could help decrease the amount of harmful indoor allergens circulating in your house. You could adopt the habit of changing your air filters every season for better air management. As a result, your HVAC system will run more efficiently.

Change Your Bedding Frequently

Dust mites are common in pillows, mattresses, duvets and upholstered furniture. For this reason, you should encase your mattresses, pillows, and box springs with allergen-proof covers for safe sleeping. Alternatively, washing your bedding at least once a week can help keep indoor allergens at bay.

Clean Up Biological Growth Buildups

Indoor biological growths can be found in wet areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry area. Cleaning your house using water, detergent and bleach will get rid of biological growths on hard surfaces. However, if the biological growth covers a large area, consider hiring a professional.

Your house should be a safe haven from allergens, not a breeding ground for them. Take the precautions mentioned above to help manage your allergies this fall. For a thorough clean-up to improve your indoor air quality, Merritt Island Air & Heat is at your service. Call us at (321) 392-6564 today.

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