What are Chilled Water HVAC Systems, and How Do They Work?

Chilled water HVAC systems are standard in commercial environments in Melbourne, FL. But they’re steadily making their way into residential places, too. These chilled water systems are different from regular air conditioners that use R-22 refrigerant. Read on to learn what chilled water HVAC systems are and how they work.

How Does a Chilled Water HVAC System Function?

A chilled water system uses water instead of air to cool your home. The water absorbs heat from the home and disperses it outside. The system cools the water down to a temperature of 40 degrees and then circulates it through the water coil’s air handler.

The heat gets absorbed from the air, and the air handler works to distribute the cold air into the home. The system needs to pump the heated water outside to aid in heat removal, and the process continues until the system achieves the desired thermostat set points.

Chilled Water Systems for Commercial Use

Although chilled water systems are making their way into Melbourne, FL, homes, they’re still quite common in commercial environments. You can find chilled water systems in factories, shopping malls, hotels, motels and apartments.

A chilled water system helps to cool off large areas or several rooms individually. Every room in commercial environments often has single or multiple chilled water systems that work alongside the air distribution system.

Functions of the Roof-Mounted Chiller and Cooling Tower

In commercial areas, there’s a roof-mounted chiller and a cooling tower. The roof-mounted chiller lowers the temperature of the water to about 40 degrees.

The cooling tower helps improve the chilled water system’s efficiency by creating a stream of low water temperatures. The cooled water then travels through the heat exchanger and cools these hot coils in the air conditioner unit.

If you need trained service technicians to install your residential HVAC system in Melbourne, FL, contact Merritt Island Air & Heat. Our team will be glad to install a chilled water HVAC system for you and keep it maintained for optimal performance.

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