Even Melbourne, FL, can feel a bit chilly in the depths of winter. It’s tempting to crank the thermostat up high, but energy experts claim that the ideal temperature for energy efficiency is about 68 degrees. Read on to learn more.

Set It Lower at Night

Not only is 68 degrees the ideal temperature during the day in winter, but experts recommend that you set it even lower at night while you’re asleep or if you’re out of the house. Lowering the temperature between 7 and 10 degrees during these times can save you up to 10% on your heating bills. Indeed, some health professionals believe that you sleep better when the temperature is on the cool side.

Best Temperature for Plants, Pets and Babies

A temperature of 68 degrees is also good for plants, pets and babies. If you have plants, the temperatures shouldn’t dip below 50 degrees. Although some plants, such as spider plants, can tolerate it. Temperatures should not exceed 85 degrees for plants, the temperature should not exceed 78 degrees for pets and – depending on the baby – the temperature should not exceed 74 degrees for infants.

Make Sure Thermostat is in the Right Place

It’s important to put your thermostat in the right place. Installing a thermostat in a warm, humid or drafty area, such as the kitchen or near a window, affects how it reads the temperature in the room and what signal it sends to your heating system. The best place to put a thermostat is on a wall in or close to the center of your house.

Layer Clothes If You’re Chilly

If 68 degrees is a bit too chilly for you, you can warm yourself up by just putting on more clothes. You can layer on a thick sweater or a lighter one, depending on how warm you want to feel.

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