Why Does Your Furnace Make Your House Stink in Rockledge, FL?

Odd furnace smells have a way of impacting the comfort of your whole home. While many furnaces emit a variety of normal odors, some of these smells could mean there’s an issue. Keep reading to learn more about the most common bad furnace odors in Rockledge, FL.

Sulfur or Rotten Eggs

This is one of the most concerning smells as it means there’s a natural gas leak. This gas has no odor, which is why many companies add mercaptan so you can identify it. When inhaled, natural gas can cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness and irregular breathing.

Never try to find the source of the leak by yourself. Turn off your furnace, evacuate the home and call one of our professionals for HVAC maintenance.


Mustiness often points to the presence of biological growth somewhere in your HVAC system. It may be present on your air conditioner coils or in the ductwork. If ignored for too long, the microbial can spread further to your walls, floors, carpets and furniture.

Electrical Burning

Your heating system may emit a sharp ozone smell when it’s overheating. Worn-out bearings are more likely to seize, which makes the furnace draw in more electricity. This additional voltage skyrockets the amount of heat in the system, increasing the potential for melted wires and electrical shorts.

Fuel Odors

The burning smell may come from possessions left too close to the furnace. It’s also possible that your oil-based system isn’t using up all its fuel, allowing the leftover oil to create a dangerous fog. If that cloud of oil ignites, it can allow excessive amounts of smoke into your home.

Furnace odors that warrant immediate care include electrical or fuel burning, mustiness and rotten eggs. These smells can worsen over time and put your family’s health at risk. Call Merritt Island Air & Heat for trustworthy heating repairs in Rockledge, FL.

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