Commercial HVAC: Sheet Metal, Kool Ducts, Piping and Maintenance

At Merritt Island Air & Heat, we understand that commercial properties in Merritt Island, Florida, have different HVAC needs than residential buildings. Commercial HVAC units often require more upkeep and maintenance. Poor insulation and failure to keep up with preventative maintenance tasks can also result in costlier repairs. Proper installation of your HVAC unit and its accompanying parts is important to the efficiency of your commercial space. To ensure that your commercial HVAC system will meet your needs now and for years to come, we offer several important services.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is used to create the ducts that your air will flow through. Sheet metal is lightweight, durable and cost-effective, making it a great choice for housing your HVAC parts. It’s crucial to have your commercial sheet metal installed by a professional. Gaps in the sheet metal installation can allow air and heat to escape. As a result, they can make your unit work harder while also increasing your utility costs.

Additionally, some property owners may opt for custom sheet metal. Customizing your sheet metal project allows you to choose the exact pieces you want in your completed project. The advanced technologies available today when creating commercial sheet metal allow you to design an efficient project that completely fits the needs of your space. This process also guarantees a perfect fit, reducing air waste and improving overall efficiency. It can even save you money on installation costs.

Kool Duct Air Ducts

Some offices may choose to go with a pre-insulated Kool Duct air duct system because it offers many advantages. This type of ductwork uses a high-strength material that tends to weigh less than other types of ductwork. Kool Duct air ducts are also completely airtight and waste less energy. As a result, they’re a better choice for the environment.

Accurate placement of your commercial office’s air ducts is important to ensure proper airflow to each of the rooms. One of the best things about Kool Duct air ducts is that they can be installed right next to the slab, saving you valuable office space. Your service technician will evaluate your commercial space to determine the type and number of Kool Duct air ducts you need to efficiently heat and cool your office.


Your office’s piping is another important component to maintain. When it comes to piping, poor installation can lead to high water bills, leaking pipes and even expensive water damage. Commercial buildings often have a greater need for more extensive piping running to multiple units, including refrigeration, chilled water, ice storage and hot water systems.

Your piping will also require routine upkeep and maintenance. Routine maintenance to your piping can help you identify a problem before it causes too much damage to your commercial property. While it’s best to install piping correctly the first time, this isn’t an option for every property manager. An inspection from a piping professional can help you determine any repairs you can make to avoid a costly water problem down the road.

Maintenance Plans

Commercial offices require routine maintenance and upkeep to increase efficiency and to avoid a major breakdown. With that in mind, a commercial HVAC maintenance plan offers several benefits. Property managers often have their hands full, and it can be difficult to keep up with necessary maintenance and repairs. An HVAC maintenance plan ensures that your property receives the maintenance it requires while also saving you time and money.

A commercial maintenance plan can reduce your costs by cutting energy usage and avoiding expensive emergency repair calls. HVAC units that are regularly maintained also tend to last longer. Additionally, when your HVAC unit is well-maintained, you’re able to achieve a more consistent and comfortable temperature, which can translate to happier customers and more productive employees.

A lot goes into a commercial space, including the sheet metal, air ducts and the water piping. You can avoid costly repairs and inefficient use of your office’s most important equipment by signing up for a commercial maintenance plan. Call Merritt Island Air & Heat today at (321) 392-6564 to discuss your commercial space’s heating and cooling needs.

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