4 Useful HVAC Add-Ons to Boost Your System

Many HVAC accessories are available to help you conserve energy. As a result, they can help you save money. They can also make your home in West Melbourne, Florida, more comfortable and increase its value. Useful HVAC add-ons include programmable thermostats, energy recovery ventilators, air purifiers and variable-speed indoor air handlers.

Programmable Thermostats

A smart or programmable thermostat can lower your utility bills without impacting your comfort. You can program the thermostat to turn down your HVAC system when you’re away or asleep and bring your house back to a comfortable temperature before you wake up or return. Many units let you choose a different schedule for every day of the week and vacations. You can control many programmable thermostats wirelessly and get updates through your smartphone or computer.

Some models even provide an analysis of power use in your home, humidity monitoring, and reminders to change your air filter and schedule regular maintenance. Many devices let you set a code or password to make changes. That way, kids or visitors won’t be able to change your home’s temperature without your permission. A smart thermostat connected to motion sensors or a camera can learn your routine over time, allowing you to avoid tedious programming. Smart and programmable thermostats will easily pay for themselves through energy savings.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Insulation makes many homes more efficient. But dust, pollen, pet dander, dirt, biological growth and volatile organic compounds can accumulate over time. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, evaporate at room temperature. They include acetone, ethanol, xylene, benzene, formaldehyde and other substances in many air fresheners, paints, glues and fuels. Air filters can’t capture these potentially harmful gasses. But you can use an energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, to remove them along with stale air.

An ERV works like a heat pump, transferring heat from cold outgoing air to warm incoming air to save energy. In winter, this reverses the process. That way, you can enjoy fresh air without wasting power by opening a door or window.

ERVs also filter incoming air to keep contaminants such as car exhaust from getting into your home. They can get rid of bad smells quickly and prevent asthma or allergy symptoms. An ERV can reduce dust on your floors and furniture so that you don’t have to dust or vacuum as often. ERVs can also prevent pests and stuffy air by getting rid of excess moisture from cooking or showering.

Air Purifiers and Cleaners

An indoor air purifier or cleaner uses a filter similar to your HVAC system to capture contaminants. However, the filter in an air purifier has a higher Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. As a result, it can catch smaller particles. The air cleaners with higher MERV ratings can even remove many viruses and bacteria from your home’s air. They can keep illnesses such as colds or the flu from spreading, improve your indoor air quality and potentially increase your house’s value. You can have a whole-home model installed in your ductwork by a professional.

Variable-Speed Indoor Air Handlers

Most heaters and air conditioners run at full speed until indoor temperatures match thermostat settings. They come on when your home gets warmer or cooler again. Frequent changes can cause wear and make people uncomfortable some of the time. As a result, you’ll could also require repairs more often.

An HVAC system with a variable-speed indoor air handler has a fan that can run at several different settings. Variable-speed units save energy and increase your comfort by running at low speeds most of the time. That way, they can control humidity and prevent temperature variations more effectively than conventional systems.

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