3 Problems That Decrease HVAC Efficiency in Florida in the Fall

You need the HVAC system in your Melbourne, Florida, home to always be ready for the hot days. Have you noticed that the efficiency of your HVAC system is decreasing? If so, you can probably find the culprit in one or more of these three problems:

Clogged Air Filters

Cleaning or changing the air filters on a regular basis removes trapped dirt and dust before it enters into the system. If your system feels like it isn’t pumping out enough warm or cold air, or if you find dirty air blowing around your house, check the air filters. Once you have changed the filters, your system will run much smoother and efficiently. As a result, your home will stay cleaner and energy bills will stay lower.

Aging HVAC System

HVAC systems generally last between 15 to 20 years. Even with regular preventive maintenance and care, parts begin to wear out. As a result, they’ll decrease the efficiency of your aging system and drive energy bills up.

New air conditioners and heaters have high SEER and AFUE ratings. Consider investing in a new HVAC system before you spend more money on repair bills or the old one breaks down completely. You’ll love how well your new system heats and cools your home.

Poor Ductwork

Dirt, dust, pet dander and other contaminants get trapped inside of the ductwork over time. As the stuff accumulates, it restricts airflow, thus making the system work harder to deliver the conditioned air into your home.

In addition, if there are cracks in the ducting, a lot of the conditioned air leaks out into the attic or walls instead of blowing into your house. Your home will feel uncomfortable, even though the system is running. Have your ductwork checked and cleaned this fall to increase efficiency.

Sign up for one of our maintenance agreements to ensure that your HVAC system gets maintained this fall. Give the expert team at Merritt Island Air & Heat a call today. We’re standing by to speak with you at (321) 392-6564.

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