3 Tips for Getting the Most Efficiency Out of Home Appliances

Advancements in technology have revolutionized the home appliance industry. From programmable thermostats and smart refrigerators to remotely controlled lighting, full home automation adds convenience and increases efficiency. Installing an HVAC system with zoning capabilities is one way to get the most efficiency out of appliances in your Viera, Florida, home.

Install Zoned Heating and Cooling

All homes can benefit from zoned heating and cooling. Homes with many windows, high ceilings, a basement, a sunroom, or an above-the-garage living space tend to benefit the most because of their unique architectural designs. An HVAC unit with zoning capabilities increases efficiency by making it easy to regulate the temperature in various parts of the home. This provides less wear and tear on the HVAC unit, reduces HVAC repairs, and optimizes comfort levels. Many contractors say two zones within a home is sufficient for achieving cost advantages.

Use Smart Washers and Dryers

Today’s modern washers and dryers are much different than those of the past. Smart washers and dryers optimize efficiency by detecting the weight of each load and adjusting the wash and dry levels to clean them efficiently. Today’s washers and dryers also feature an array of modes, like "quick wash" and "bedding," allowing you to choose a mode for what you’re cleaning. Ideally, the "quick wash" setting will be the most efficient because it uses less water and electricity. If you don’t have a smart washer, wash clothes in cold water to achieve the most efficiency.

Upgrade to Smart Lighting

Smart lighting allows you to access and control your home’s lighting remotely using your smartphone or mobile device. You can turn off lights that were accidentally left on. You can also dim lights in the home to use less electricity. All this adds up to considerable savings.

Merritt Island Air & Heat specializes in HVAC installation, repair and maintenance. Contact us at (321) 392-6564 for effective tips on how to get the most efficiency out of your home appliances.

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